Supporting families across the New Forest to carry their children

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Welcome to New Forest Slings

We are a social enterprise with a mission to support families  across the New Forest to carry their children, and therefore find more ease in family life. We provide opportunities for families to connect with each other, learn about carrying and slings, and to access the tools for this in an affordable way.

Our team are knowledgable and comprehensively trained in child development, carrying and slings and offer a completely straight talking, no bullshit approach to supporting families to find their own way. We are experienced and real parents.

mother carrying her baby do trekking through the woods

Our services

Mother walking with  baby in sling in the park

Come along and chat to other parents with a cup of tea and cake. You will get to share experience and information and the professional team are always on hand to offer wisdom and support.

A portrait of a cute nine month old baby boy in a backpack.

Hire from a comprehensive range of slings and carriers to see what works for you and your family. There is always something for you to try whether it's your first sling or you want to try something new.

Father carrying his son in sling outdoors

Learn about carrying and slings either on this site, via our social media or face-to-face in a workshop or consultation. We provide evidence-based information with zero judgement or unwanted advice.