All about New Forest Slings

What is New Forest Slings

New Forest slings is a not-for-profit organisation that provides services for parents in regard to slings and carriers and their use. We do this in several ways. We run sling meets, a vast library of carriers for hire. we run workshops, provide information online and give our support and advice. Our sling consultant is also able to give private consultations in your home.

We are a group of mums who love carrying our babies and children and have learned lots about it. We are passionate about passing on our knowledge and skill, as well as our passion.

What's a not-for-profit?

Not-for-profit can mean a lot of different things. I will describe what it means for New Forest Slings.

We have very recently become a community Interest Company (a legal term for a type of not-for-profit organisation). This means that New Forest Slings is run wholly for the good of the community of the New Forest in regard to the use of slings and carriers that assist in carrying babies and children. All proceeds from coming to meets or from the hiring of slings are used to improve the service given to the community. This can include, replacing or buying new demonstration dolls, slings and carriers, supplementing the cost of additional training of team members, meeting the costs of holding library sessions and sling meets, and buying refreshments.

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