Ring slings and pouches

Ring slings

Ring slings are a length of fabric with 2 rings sewn in to make a shoulder. The end of the fabric is threaded through, put on the parent and baby popped in and tightened up. They are worn on one shoulder so wearing time can be limited to shorter journeys than a wrap, mei tai or SSC. They can come in different fabrics including cotton, woven wrap material, silk etc. They are lovely for hip carries for older babies and children (very quick!), tummy to tummy snuggles for little babies and have the added bonus that they pack down small in a change bag.

Hoppediz Madrid Ring Sling

A bright sunny ring sling made out of Hoppediz double twill wrap fabric. Very very supportive for newborns and preschoolers alike and all the ages through. This has a gathered shoulder. 

Kindly donated by http://www.hoppediz.de/en

Pouchslings 100% Linen Ring Sling

This chocolate brown ring sling is simple but sophisticated, it is thin but supportive enough for even toddlers, it has a gathered shoulder and is easy peasy to adjust. Suitable from birth to preschooler. 

Storchwenge Ring Sling

Photo and details to follow

Little Frog Ring Sling

Coming soon!

JPMBB The little wrap without a knot

Coming soon

Hana stretchy Ring Sling

Coming soon


Pouches are a continuous loop of fabric which is placed, like the ring sling, over one shoulder but you ‘flip’ the shoulder to adjust. These are sized and it is important to buy the correct size for you and your baby as these have the smallest scope for adjusting. However, once you have a pouch that fits well these can be a comfortable choice of sling to add to your change bag.

Lifft Pouch

Lifft slings offer a tailored fit so fit perfectly, this is a size 4 so suitable for women who are a size 14-16. It is suitable from 8lbs to approx. 3 years. 

Kindly donated by Lifft

Hotslings pouch

This pouch is suitable for ladies who wear a medium to large t shirt size. It is sized by measuring diagonally from shoulder to hip, for this to fit your measurement needs to be 25″. 

Kindly donated by www.slingtastic.com

Suppori sling

This is a really compact and lightweight sling designed to help you carry your baby or toddler on your hip. It is ideal for quick carries on holiday, especially around the pool as it’s made of a mesh fabric. 

Part of our pack from Slingathon 2013

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