Stretchy wraps & hybrids

Stretchy wraps and hybrids

Stretchy wraps are the perfect thing for your newborn though can be used for many months or even years. They are soft, are pre-tied onto yourself for ease of use through the day or on outings and will have a comfortable and snug fit for any size or shape of parent.  We stock a good variety of stretchy wraps types including one and two way stretch, thick hybrid wraps and stretches with rings. The ones we have available in our library are:

Thin stretchy wraps

Hana wraps – standard

This is a two-way stretch and one of the stretchiest and thinnest wraps on the market.  It is made from bamboo, organic cotton and elastane, making it more breathable and therefore cooler than other stretchy wraps. The bamboo has antibacterial properties and helps to regulate your baby’s temperature.  Suitable from birth. 

Hana wraps – shorty

Exactly the same as the standard Hana wrap in material and usability but shorter in length for easier use if you have a more petite frame. 

All our Hana wraps have been kindly subsidised by Hanababy and bought with slingmeet contributions.

Snuggly stretchy wraps

JPMBB Basic wrap

The low-priced JPMBB BASIC wrap, is a high quality two-way stretchy wrap. In “French terry” jersey, cotton and elastane/Spandex for maximum softness and a quilted look, as well as air circulation.
Width 50 cm (versus 70 cm for the JPMBB Original) length 460 cm, up to T58. OekoTex 100.

Purchased with sling library contributions and kindly subsidised by JePortMonBebe.

Non-standard stretchy wraps

JPMBB Original wrap

Coming soon

Moby wrap

A navy blue (one-way) stretchy wrap. Made from 100% soft jersey cotton. This type of stretchy is good for more experienced sling users as it requires some tightening and adjustment once baby is in the wrap. It is more supportive than some other stretchies.

Kindly donated by

Close caboo carriers

Hybrid carrier which is made of stretchy wrap material but secured with rings either side enabling you to put it on like a t-shirt over your head, pop baby in and tighten – just like that! Suitable from birth to around 6 months old.

One kindly donated by Close baby, others purchased with slingmeet contributions.