Sling consultancy

Using slings and carriers is a skill, and like all skills you can learn on your own or be taught. You can be taught peer-to-peer or by someone with more formal training. Just like cooking or driving, you might find someone you know who does it well and can help, but what you get by learning through a professional are the specific, inside information, great tips, shortcuts and rules. You get a feeling of assurance that you know everything you need to know.

Some people say that you can learn it all with online videos and don’t get me wrong, you can learn a lot! However, there are a lot of bad videos out there and there is a lot you just can’t learn unless you are with someone.

By learning through a consultation, you and your baby get off to the best possible start together. Not only will you be able to try a range of carriers, you will learn about them all, about the carries and safety, and about physiology, newborn development, optimum positioning; all with fun and love.

Quick appointment

A quick chat through or demo of a chosen sling (10-20 minutes)

If you need some advice  to chat through your circumstances or to trouble shoot using a sling but cannot attend our sling meet, you can book a quick consult with one of our consultants. This is not a full consult and we won’t be able to cover things in detail with you. Times will be strictly adhered to, though you can choose to book a full consultation as below at any time.

Price: £10 for up to 20 minutes at my home.


A full private consultation (Up to 2 hours)

This is completely à la carte! I can help you choose your sling of choice and teach you how to get started. Or I can help you with a specific sling and specific carries. Or I can teach you to back carry or breastfeed in a sling. Or…Tell me what you need and I’ll tell you what we can do together!

Price: £49 including travel (up to 25 miles)

A private group consultation (up to 3 hours)

You organise the group (you and a maximum of 3 friends) and decide what you want from me (or if you aren’t sure we can work it out together before hand). It is important that the whole group have similar needs (baby’s ages, sling type, proficiency…) though as otherwise some people may leave feeling disappointed and I never want that.
Price £99 for you and up to 3 other parents including travel (up to 25 miles)


Starting out

Includes two full consultations; one during pregnancy to learn do you can get started as soon as you like, and then another within the first 12 weeks after birth to start your journey and optimise carrying your newborn.
Price £89  including travel (up to 25 miles) for each consultation.

The full monty

Includes three consultations; one during pregnancy to learn do you can get started as soon as you like, another within the first 12 weeks after birth to make sure you are managing as well as you want to, and lastly another when your baby is older and you are ready to try new things. This could be new types of sling or new carries such as back carrying.
Price £129 including travel (up to 25 miles)