We have many talented colleagues both nationally and internationally who make fantastic videos on anything from how to do new carries, new knots, new tie offs, tips and tricks on how to get things tighter, different ways to use a sling or carrier and much much more.

There are literally thousands of videos online, some better than others. We have selected some videos for common things people want to know and have chosen carefully. We have tried to vary who has made the videos as much as possible as different styles suit different people. If you find someone that works for you, take a look at the rest of their videos.

If there is anything you cannot find, please contact us and we will help you find just the right video. First and foremost, here is a video on safety.

Basic safety

Stretchy wraps and hybrids

Pocket wrap cross carry

Tying a stretchy

Using a Close Caboo

Stretchy back wrap

Asian style carriers (Meh dais)

With a newborn

Front carry

Hip carry

Back carry

Woven wraps (front carries)

Front Wrap Cross Carry

Front Double Hammock

Front kangaroo carry


Woven wraps (back and hip carries)

Simple Ruck carry

Back Double Hammock

Humble hammock


Ring slings

Front centre

Hip carry

Back carry

Twins in rings

Soft structured carriers (buckles)

Front carry newborn insert

Ergo (different ways)

Hip scoot

Baby Bjorn with a scarf