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Safety with slings

As well as guidance in our General T&C’s it is important to remember safety whilst using slings. Whilst using slings is a wonderful thing bringing together parent and child in a unique way it is important to remember to be aware of safety whilst babywearing.

We encourage and use the TICKS babywearing guidelines:

In view at all times
Close enough to kiss
Keep chin off the chest
Supported back

To ensure everyone’s safety at sling meets and library sessions, we encourage the use of our demonstration dolls to try out new slings and carries. Furthermore, we have some limits to what we do at these sessions for safety reasons. This includes some types of carry. If you are keen to learn these types of carry, we recommend speaking to a sling consultant. These limits include, but are not limited to:

Demonstrating or advising any carry or sling which is not optimal for you or your child.
Demonstrating or recommending front facing out carries.
Demonstrating cradle carry holds (they are not inherently unsafe but are tricky to make safe, and there are better holds to show you).
Advising or teaching a back carry with anyone who is not sufficiently experienced in front carrying, There are other options and better environments in which to learn these carries.

Please click on this comprehensive safety leaflet to view it: