Library Ts&Cs

Library (sling hire) Terms and Conditions

Please note that the term sling is used throughout this document to describe any sling, carrier or carrying aid that is hired to clients by New Forest Slings.


Personal information and hire

The first time you hire a sling or slings with us, you will have to create a membership in MyTurn/NewForestSlings (an online system we use to record and monitor hires). This free membership will be used by us to record all your hiring and returning activity and to send you emails about your hire. Each time you hire a sling or slings, your details will be used. This includes personal details including full name, email address, home address, phone number, and the details of any slings hired at that time. When you hire an item you will receive a receipt from the system with the details of the sling hired and the return date.

Your personal details will be held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 in both paper and electronic formats. Your contact details will only be used by New Forest Slings to contact you in relation to our activities, and will never be passed to a third party without your express permission.

Sling hire & returns

All slings, carriers. instructions, bags and accessories remain the property of New Forest Slings at all times throughout the hire period and all hires are subject to availability and at our discretion.

The cost of hire for each sling is £10 for up to one month (one month is usually defined as the period between library sessions at the same location). Slings must be returned on the date stated on the hire form before 10:30am but can be returned early with prior arrangement. You will receive an email on hiring a sling with the return date and a reminder a couple of days before. 

You must inform us prior to hiring a sling if you, or anyone in your household is a smoker. Smoking whilst using or holding our slings is strictly prohibited for the safety of all sling users now and in the future.

Please note that we cannot guarantee to hirers that there will be no pet hairs on our slings. We ask that our slings are kept away from pets as far as possible but we do not routinely wash our carriers between hires unless necessary. It is both impractical and it causes wear and damage to the slings over time.

Longer hires can be arranged in advance at our discretion. Stretchy wraps and Caboos can be hired for up to three months at a discounted rate. Please see details on our website.

Any slings returned after 10:30am on the return date will be considered as late, unless prior arrangement has been made. An initial late fee of £5 will automatically be applied to cover administration costs at this time.  Unless the sling is returned within 48 hours of the meet, it will be deemed as a re-hire and charged at an additional £10.  This is to  reflect the fact that the sling is unavailable for others to hire. 

Slings must be returned to the meet you hired from unless by prior arrangement. We do not do half month hires and we are not affiliated with other sling libraries. If you arrange to return a sling early , you are still required to pay the full amount of £10.

If you wish to extend your hire, you can rehire at the sling meet from 10am-10:30am or you must contact us before the day of the meet to request an extension. If agreed, the rehire charge of £10 must be processed before the meet date to avoid the £5 late administration fee.

If New Forest Slings has to cancel a meet, we will extend your hire period until the following meet at no additional cost.

When returning the sling, you must return the instructions, the bag and any accessories. If any of these are not returned, you will be charged to cover the cost of replacing them. The costs for these are £2 per bag, £1 per instructions and the full cost of replacing any accessories.

If a sling is not returned on the return date, you will be contacted by email initially. If you do not respond to that email within 7 days a letter will be sent to your home requesting the sling is returned immediately at your cost. Late slings must be returned by recorded post (with insurance) within 7 days of the letter. If the sling is not returned following this, a final warning letter and email will be sent, giving 14 days to return the sling and all items hired. If the return does not occur, the sling will be considered lost and any deposit will be cashed or retained.  
If there is any difficulty using the deposit or no deposit was made, a claim will be made against you via Small Claims Court for the entire retail value of the sling, bag, instructions and any accessories, as well as any cost incurred by the sling library during the process of claiming. The police will also be informed of the theft of the sling. As a not-for-profit enterprise, we cannot afford to lose assets that effectively belong to the community.

Condition of slings

All slings are checked by a member of the team before they are hired to ensure they are in a suitable condition for hire. No sling will ever be hired out if the safety of the sling is in any way compromised. Any marks or non-safety related issues will also be disclosed to you and noted on the system at the time of hire. You should also check the condition of the sling before you take it with you to ensure you are happy that there are no marks or issues you would like noted.

During the hire period, it is your responsibility to check the sling before and after each use. It is important to check all buckles, hems and seams ensuring there are no tears, breaks, cracks or holes. If any damage is discovered, please stop using the sling immediately and contact us.

Carriers should be returned in the condition in which they were hired. If the sling is returned with any damage, you will be liable for the cost of repair or replacement. We reserve the right to use any deposit taken towards the cost of repair or replacement to ensure it is available for other library users. The amount due will be the actual cost of repair, up to the amount for replacing the sling at retail cost.
Where no deposit has been taken or doesn’t meet the repair/replacement cost, we will inform you by email of the amount due. Payment can be via credit/debit card, PayPal or BACS and is required within 7 days. If no payment is received, a final warning letter and email will be sent, giving 14 days to pay the outstanding amount. If the payment does not occur, a claim will be made against you via Small Claims Court for the amount due, as well as any cost incurred by the sling library during the process of claiming. 

Cleaning slings

It is likely that slings may get dirty or get dirty spots on them during the hire period. For odd marks, please spot clean the sling gently with a damp cloth/sponge using only warm water and let us know when returning.

For more significant marks, or a generally dirty sling please contact us for washing advice and instruction. PLEASE DO NOT WASH A SLING WITHOUT CONSULTING US FIRST because you could damage it and therefore lose your deposit. You could also risk the health of future hirers and our sling consultant who is highly allergic to many types of detergent.


In lieu of requesting deposits, we require TWO forms of identification to be presented at time of hire (one from each of the below options). Accepted forms of ID are: 

  • Photo ID e.g. Driving Licence/Passport/Employee ID


  •  Address ID e.g. Bank statement/Utility bill/Council tax etc. (within last 3 months)

If you’re unsure your identification will be acceptable, please contact us before the library meet.

If ID is not available at the time of h
ire, a deposit of £50 will be taken on the day of hire. This will be held safely until the sling is returned in the same condition in which it was hired and the deposit will be returned.
In the case of non-return of the sling, or return of a damaged sling, the procedure detailed above will be closely followed and deposits will only be used in this manner.

Payment methods

The hire cost of slings and any deposit must be paid at the time of hire by credit/debit card, PayPal, cash or BACs (confirmation of BACs transfer and PayPal is required before the sling can be taken).

Care of slings

Smoking: There is absolutely NO SMOKING whilst wearing any sling or carrier hired from New Forest Slings at any time. Nobody should be allowed to smoke near our sling or in an area where the sling is being stored. It is highly unsafe for your child and equally as unsafe for future hirers and their children as harmful chemicals from tobacco products stay on fabric (even after washing) and can increase the risk of SIDS and other very serious conditions. Slings found to have been affected by tobacco smoke will be considered “damaged” and will be replaced at your cost.

Pets: We ask that you please keep our slings away from pets as sharp claws can easily damage slings beyond repair and many people are highly allergic to pet hair, including our consultant.

It is expected that slings will occasionally get food and dirt marks on them from their general use, but it is your responsibility to ensure that the sling is kept away from anything that may stain or mark the sling more permanently (oil, paint, pens etc) or anything that might damage it (scissors, velcro, keys, car doors, fire etc). The cost of repairing any damage beyond normal wear and tear will be taken from your deposit up to the full amount of your deposit in order to ensure the sling can be used by other hirers in the future.

Safe use of slings

Safety advice is given to all potential hirers during the library session, at the time of hire in written format to take home with your sling hire, and is available on our website 24 hours a day.

All slings are hired with printed instructions and instructions can be obtained online by emailing us. The hirer is required to read all the safety information provided along with the instructions. Slings must only be used in accordance with the manufacturers instructions and the safety leaflets provided.

The slings we loan are all safe when used in the manner above. However, misuse can cause injury to yourself or your child. It is your responsibility to ensure that you use any sling hired correctly and that your child is safe at all times. New Forest Slings cannot be held responsible for any accident that results in injury or death whilst a sling is on hire. If you are unsure how to use a sling safely, DO NOT use it and seek advice from us.

Once at home, please familiarise yourself with the safety and manufacturers instructions and then practice using the sling with a doll, soft toy or cushion before using it with your child.

Whilst your child is in the sling, regularly check that your child continues to be positioned correctly in the sling and that any knots, straps, wrap passes or buckles are secure and positioned correctly.


  • Ensure you can see your child at all times
  • Ensure your child can breathe easily
  • Ensure good airflow around your child’s face
  • Ensure your child is secure when in the sling
  • Take great care when getting your child in and out of any sling
  • Ensure you child is being carried in the sling at the right height on your body
  • Ensure your child’s optimum development and comfort when in the sling
  • Be mindful of the temperature of your child, taking into consideration the extra layers of material the sling provides
  • ​Ensure your child is well hydrated


  • Cover your child’s face with any part of the sling
  • Do any extreme or dangerous activities when your child is in the sling (swimming, skiiing, cycling etc)
  • Use a sling you do not feel confident in using safely
  • Smoke, drink alcohol or take drugs when using a sling
  • Take medicine that might make you drowsy when using a sling
  • Continue to wear the sling if it is causing you or your child discomfort
  • Use the sling whilst you are sleeping
  • Use the sling as a substitute for a safety seat
  • Overdress your child when in the sling (they have extra layers of material on them)
  • Carry your child in a horizontal or cradle position 
If you have any concerns about using the sling you have hired or have any questions about the instructions provided with the sling, please contact us immediately. You can reach the team on the Facebook page, by email or by telephone. We can answer simple questions online or by phone, point you in the direction of helpful resources on our website and many other sites, or arrange to see you if you would prefer (see details of our Sling consultations).

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