Sling meet Ts&Cs

Sling meet Terms and Conditions

 Arrival at sling meet

Entry to the sling meet/library session costs £2 per family and must be paid in cash on entry. When entering the sling meet you must sign in for Health and Safety reasons stating your name, the name(s) of your child(ren), your postcode (required by the venue), whether you require assistance from a volunteer and broadly what you are looking for/need help with. All information is held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018.

All previously hired slings must be returned on arrival, and by 10.30am. Any rehires are at our discretion. Once any slings have been returned you will be seen (if you want to be) by a volunteer in order of arrival, taking into account what type of help you need. Members of the team have different levels and areas of expertise so you may have to wait a little longer to get the best possible help in some cases. 


Attendees at sling meet remain responsible for themselves and their children’s safety at all times. Normal safety precautions will always be taken by the team but we cannot be held responsible for your child’s safety during a meet. Sling safety protocols (such as TICKS) will be explained and adhered to at all times.

Anyone trying a sling for the first time, hiring a new sling or trying a new carry is required to use one of our demonstration dolls before trying it with their child.

Babies/children are only to be carried in a sling by their parent/carer and not by any other member of the group or team. Whilst volunteers may be happy to hold your child whilst you try something or put on a sling, the parent/carer remains responsible for the child at all times.

When trying a sling with your child, you must have a ‘spotter’ present throughout to ensure the safety of your child. This can be a friend or a volunteer. This person will not touch the baby/child unless absolutely necessary for safety reasons. However, the baby/child remains the responsibility of the parent/carer not the spotter. Where possible, this should be done over a soft area of floor (mat/carpet).

We will not advise on or ever supply bag carriers, other than to explain the dangers of using them. More details can be found on

Trying slings and carriers

You are welcome to look at and experiment with any carriers on the tables at the sling meet, without a volunteer present, as long as you use one of our demonstration dolls. When you want to try a sling with a real child, please wait for a volunteer to assist you, or at least be there to observe for safety reasons.


Refreshments are provided at our discretion and are offered on a self-serve basis. We take no responsibility for any illness or injury caused by your choosing to prepare or consume any refreshments provided. Any donations to the cost of refreshments is voluntary but very much appreciated. 

Demonstrations and teaching

Sling meets are not a conducive environment to proper teaching. We are able to demonstrate the use of slings at meets and support you when trying slings for the first time but we are unable to “teach” you properly in this environment. You should therefore expect to be shown briefly how a sling works, have a go yourself and then learn further at home or in a consultation.

This is particularly relevant when learning the following things for the first time:

  • Woven wrapping
  • Back carrying
  • Breastfeeding in a sling
  • Using a Ring Sling in some cases

If you have done these things before and are looking for tips or optimisation, this will probably be fine but if you have never done it before, you will be unable to learn this in the busy environment of a sling meet. New Forest Slings offer private consultations for this purpose.


We would love to show everyone what a great time we have at our sling meet and how happy the babies/children are so there may be photography. We will of course ask your consent for this and respect your wishes not to if you choose. The photographs would appear in advertisements for the sling meet on the website and on social media etc.

Buying and selling

New Forest Slings is a non-profit organisation and as such all proceeds go back into the group. We are not affiliated to any other sling meet or baby-wearing group. Any sales of slings between people attending is strictly between themselves and is completely external to the business. Commercial selling of slings/accessories will not be tolerated and vendors cannot advertise without express permission from the group leaders.