Workshop Ts&Cs

Terms and conditions (workshops and courses)

For the purposes of this document the term “sling” will be used to mean any sling, carrier, wrap or pouch hired for use in aiding the carrying of children. New Forest Slings will be referred to as NFS throughout this document.

Booking and payment

To confirm your place on a scheduled workshop you must complete an online form with your personal details and make full payment in advance via Paypal. The link for this can be found on the appropriate page of the website and the Facebook page. Please ensure you carefully select the correct workshop (type and date) on the form.

The information provided on this form is stored securely and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Your contact details will only be used in conjunction with that workshop and will never be passed to third parties for any reason. You will be given a choice as to whether you wish to sign up to our email newsletter.

Payment is due in full at the time of booking and will be taken via Paypal. Please note that your space on the workshop will not be confirmed until full payment has been received.

Cancellation and rescheduling

If you cancel the booking more than14 days before the date of the workshop I will provide a full refund minus a £5 cancellation charge to cover administration costs incurred.

After this date I cannot offer any refund at all unless there are unforeseen and extenuating circumstances. This is entirely at my discretion and will not be considered for bad weather or illness.

If the workshop is canceled by NFS for any reason, and at any time, attempts will be made to reschedule the workshop at a time suitable to the participants. If the new date is not suitable to you we will offer a full refund if you would prefer.

Location and travel

I do not operate workshops from my home (it is important to me to keep my work and home separate as far as possible), so workshops will be held in local venues. These venues will always be selected taking into account the facilities (parking, toilet access, disabled access) and health and safety. If you have any specific requirements, please ensure you mention them on your booking form.

Sometimes it may be possible to organise for the consultant to do a workshop for private groups located in one of your homes. If you are organising such a workshop, please ensure that there is sufficient space for the workshop to take place. Please also note that any pets should be kept away from the room in which the workshop is taking place.

You are entirely responsible for your travel to and from the workshop. Workshops will aim to start on time so please ensure you are there before the time stated to settle in.

Hire of the venue is included in the cost of the workshop.


Babies and children are welcome to be present and involved during sling workshops, though your children remain your responsibility at all times. However, it is important to remember that a workshop is a learning environment and so your experience at the workshop will likely be better if you don’t have to concentrate on the welfare of your child, whilst you are trying to learn. Babies who are non-mobile are usually easiest to manage in a workshop environment. 

In terms of practicing, there will be weighted demonstration dolls at the workshop for you to use so you do not need to bring your baby or child, though it is entirely your choice. It is also important to remember that others have paid to be in the workshop so you will need to be mindful that any children in your care are not too distracting to other participants.


Attendees at workshops remain responsible for themselves and their children’s safety at all times. Normal safety precautions will always be taken by the team member(s) but we cannot be held responsible for your child’s safety. Sling safety protocols (such as TICKS) will be explained and adhered to at all times.

The majority of the workshop will be practical and will be done using the demonstration dolls provided. If you have your child with you, you may want to try a carry or sling with your child. If this is the case you may only do so after you feel confident in doing the same skill with a demonstration doll, and when a team member is observing the practice. They will not touch the baby/child unless absolutely necessary for safety reasons. However, the baby/child remains the responsibility of the parent/carer not the team member Where possible, this should be done over a soft area of floor (mat/carpet).

Babies/children are only to be carried in a sling by their parent/carer and not by any other member of the group or team member. Whilst team members may be happy to hold your child whilst you try something or put on a sling, the parent/carer remains responsible for the child at all times.

We will not advise on the use of bag carriers, other than to explain the dangers of using them. More details can be found on

Within the workshop you will be advised about general sling safety as well as specific safety elements to consider regarding the particular area of carrying that the workshop covers. After the workshop, you will be given written documentation regarding safety which you should read in full before trying anything you have learned during the workshop.