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It was great 🙂 I think that this particular workshop was great for all levels of babywearing parents 🙂 LOTS & LOTS of great info and refresher course on some bits for ME !!! thank you for letting me come and join!’ 

Gosia,  from Eling, on Slinging From The Beginning workshop

"Lots of great slings and such a great atmosphere. Felt very welcome and the ladies really went beyond the call of duty to help me. My favourite part of the month."

 - E and T, from Blackfield (New first time mum with her son)

“When I had my son (now 16 weeks old) I knew that I wanted to carry him in some form of baby carrier/wrap, but wasn’t keen on the structured carriers that were commonly sold in shops as from being a paediatric nursing student I knew that these are not positionally good for a baby’s developing spine, I also knew there were other ways of carrying babies and small children using long swathes of fabric, but had no idea where to start or what to do. An NCT friend of mine also wanted to ‘wear’ her new baby girl and she mentioned to me about New Forest Sling Library, and that the lady who ran it would be coming along to our BF group. So on that day, I was able to see several types of sling that are available and also make a booking for a consultation to find the right one for myself and baby son. Having a well stocked library of many different types and makes of sling and wrap and trained advisers made it easy to find the right one for us to start babywearing with and also made sure I was carrying baby safely. I have now been wearing my son most days for the past 8 weeks and it’s great not having to take a pram out, and I can get on with things around the home without having to put him down at all. Without the help and support of the sling meet – which is also a lovely social stay and play event each month – I would have probably spent a small fortune buying slings to try, only to find I still haven’t found the right one and may have well given up babywearing altogether.”

 - Jen, from Eastleigh.

“Carrying my baby in a sling helped me overcome my post natal depression as I was able to feel closer to my baby. The new forest sling meet gave me the advice and confidence I needed to take my baby wearing forward as well as opening up a whole new world to all the slings, wraps and carriers available.”

Joanne, Southampton